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Ecoturismo y Actividades Nº 454 (TOLEDO NATURA) Versió per imprimir

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Birding, Hiking, Ecotourism, Eco Consultancy
Preu:  Entre 10 y 36 euros. Consultar WEB para otros.
Tipus d’establiment: Ecoturismo y Actividades
Habitacions: no
Tipus de lloguer:  Not Specified
Direcció: San Marcos 9
                 45003 Toledo
                 (Toledo) Spain
Telèfon(s): 694431010 
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Toledo Natura SL. is a company founded in Toledo city. We formed a team of aware professionals having the conviction that our natural heritage, and specially the group of birds, is a resource that can and should be enjoyed in a sustainable way. This sustainability has a main role to play in rural development and in green economy and green employment generating strategies.
As organisers of ornithological tourism activities and so others regarding the environmental issue (workshops, trainings, volunteering in the outdoors, technical consultancy), we´d like to offer our customers the possibility to know our region and surroundings from a different point of view.
We are more than 20 years-experienced biologists and naturalists, particularly in Castilla La Mancha region, always collaborating for the preservation of our land.
- Birding routes for observing birds and fauna
- Guided and learning itineraries for hiking
- Ecological routes for schools and others
- Custom made routes
- Photography routes for small groups
- Environmental Education for educational centres and any other organizations (recycling workshops, bird ringing, environmental laws, natural resources managing, introduction to ornithology…)
- Environmental consulting and training courses on environmental related issues
- Outdoor volunteering groups
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Toledo Natura has its registered office in Toledo City. Routes and walks leave from our stunning monumental city to no more than 50 kilometres around it, so our customers can access quickly to the core of our itineraries to observe the most emblematic species of fauna and flora from Castilla La Mancha.
Visit our web to know the most usual ways to get to Toledo

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